Aleesa went to laughing Larry to gather information on how to apply for the pilot’s license, and obtain the study guide with practice lessons for passing the written exam.    She knew one day Gerald would take over flying the Winnebago, but she had to act fast before laughing Larry’s retirement.   Laughing Larry was from the last lineage line of pilot’s who were experts at flying the Winnebago. 

In the Winnebago there was the Diamond quest stone map. The diamond quest map was the only map of its kind on the island which could give directions, and keep the Winnebago on course to guide a crew of geese to each island to receive healing from the magical powers.   The diamond quest map originally was taken from the Cheese-And-Grinners, on Cheese-And-Grinners Island there was an oak tree in the heart of the island which held the diamond quest stone.   However, many years ago the great-grandfathers of the Barfing Bubble gum Baboons stole the diamond quest map in order to keep all the secrets safe for each generation of the barfing bubble gum baboons.  

Aleesa’s family where enemies of the barfing bubble gum baboons, she knew when laughing Larry retired it was her families’ opportunity to regain control of the diamond quest.  Not only did the diamond quest hold the map of directions, but it was the most valuable item among all the islands.  No other island had any directions of how to get to the islands of magical powers.  The family who owned the diamond quest where the King and Queens of all the islands.   Families from other islands would travel from there island to be granted permission to take the voyage of travelling on the flying Winnebago in order to receive healing from the magical islands. 

The flying Winnebago was a bright colored vehicle that could travel on land, air, and water.